The thing about silver…

Hey everyone!  Yes, it has been while since I last posted.  I’ve been slightly busy, but today I was thinking about silver…  Why?  Due to a recent conversation with an old friend.  See, I always assume that everyone has had the same upbringing as myself and when I find out that is not the case, it always surprise me.  Strange for me to think that, I know…

But anyhow, I commented to my friend that I was surprised that all this time I knew her, I never knew she didn’t look for the silver lining in all situations.  Which got me to thinking…  Dangerous, yes, I know.  I pray you see the fruit of my thoughts soon in a new story…  The thing about silver is it is stronger than gold but more precious than bronze.   I will let you run with that a while.  I’m going back to my vacation…

Until next time…



My 2nd book

O starts my happy days…  O stands for the Oustanding, Outrageous, Original, Orange OCTOPUS living in the Great Big Blue Sea!  He’s aa little nerdy like me, but he’s mine…  🙂

Let’s welcome the first Alphabet Friend and give a warm welcome to Oscar Octopus!

Book #2 is…..

Hey ya’ll!  I’m happy to celebrate with you!  Oscar’s proof is on it’s way!!!!  Woohoo!  So, once the book proof is approved (as I just approved it electronically this evening) then it will be ready for the public!

Isn’t that fantastic?!?!?!!!!  June 1st is right around the corner….

It is Finished!

Hey ya’ll!  I have to tell you that today was the best Friday eve EVER!!!  My new book “Oscar the Orange Octopus” is done!!!

Want to see the new and FIRST book in my new Christian’s Children book series (The Alphabet Friends)?  I’m giving you a sneak peak…  Hope you like it!


Making Lemonade

So, we all know the saying “When life give you lemons, make lemonade,” but where did it come from?  Funny, I didn’t know myself until this week when I looked it up for a speech I gave on yesterday morning about my book, “The Lemon Tree”.   

So, how about it was first recorded in 1915 in someone OBITUARY!!!  How wild is that!  Know who knows if it was said prior to, but I find it fascinating that over 100 years and we are still saying it today!  

It was as it still is a befitting way to describe in a nice way that yes, life is hard but you can make it sweeter by being optomistic.  Now another “funny” that I would like to share with you is this…  Read my book, The Lemon Tree, and see how one little girl, a lemon tree plus a secret ingredient can turn your lemon juice into a lemonade that is sweeter than ANYTHING you will EVER find on this earth!


Hey ya’ll!  Sooooooo excited today.  I’m wearing a belt again!  Woohoo!  Weight loss is working!  In the first hole in the belt, but meh….  baby steps.  

Hoping to get back to the 3rd hole and surpass it to the others…  Any and who, just wanted to share…

Have a blessed day! 


The Nerve!

My favorite “mom” saying in the world is “You are getting on my last nerve!”  Really?  I always wanted to follow up with, “How did I fair on the other thousands that you have?” Or  “I went through all the others ones already?  That was quick! “. We ALL know that those responses would not have been the right thing to say.  It’s funny though when you think about it!

So, why am I telling you this?  Funny.  I was driving home from work on Thursday.  It was a beautiful day, I had the top down on my car and I was cruising, going speed limit, and enjoying the tunes on  Pandora.  I was getting ready to turn when I happened to look in my rear view mirror and noticed this man was right on my bumper.  Close enough that if I had to slam on brakes, my car would have been messed up!  Funny thing is I didn’t notice him until I turned.

I turned too early and didn’t realize it until I was parking.  I was in the wrong lot.  I needed to be across the street in the other shopping center.  So, I pulled out of the parking space and made my way to cross the street.  Well, wouldn’t you know the man drove past me while I was waiting to cross.  He slowed down ya’ll and smiled like he was getting to me.  Funny thing is, he didn’t!  He went on down the road and I went on my way…

The moral of this little story…  He had the NERVE to try and make me have a bad day.  If he had used that NERVE for kindness, it wouldn’t have been wasted on me.  The evil he was trying to do didn’t even phase me!  I’m sitting here laughing at the total waste of time it took him to plot my getting upset when all he did was give me a good story to write!  LOL!  So, the next time someone tries to get on your last nerve, remember this epic fail.  

It takes more time to scheme and plot evil and no energy at all to be kind.  No nerves needed…  Just saying….
Have an awesome day!